Sunday, August 4, 2013

CBC's Canada Writes Shortlists my story Wolf Howling at Moon

Last February, I quietly entered a story I wrote to the CBC's Canada Writes, their nationwide literary contest, in their Creative Non-Fiction category. Submissions had to be between 1200 - 1500 words and not previously published. I had been working on a new ending to my book, a memoir, nd with only slight editing, it fit their world count. I sent it in. I didn't bother telling anyone, including my husband. We writers are never sure about these things.

So I was thrilled when I received a call in early July from the CBC to tell me that my story had been shortlisted in the Creative Non-Fiction Category. Out of 2700 submissions, my story made it into the top 5.  I couldn't  believe it. My story is a very personal glimpse into our family's life with our son who has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. People were really interested?

My story, along with an interview with me was then posted (and remains) on the CBC's Canada Writes website (Creative Non-Fiction category).  Stories and interviews of the other 4 candidates were also posted. 

To encourage people to read the stories from these shortlisted candidates, Canada Writes held a Public Vote, asking readers to choose their favourite  from the Top 5. Lo and behold, Wolf Howling at Moon was chosen as the Readers' Choice. More thrilling news.

The nicest thing about having my work posted and up for the Public Vote, is the response I received by dozens and dozens of people throughout the country, telling me why my story resonated with them. Some had children with special needs. Most did not. They just found the story touching in a way that was meaningful to them. They appreciated my hosesty. They found the writing economical and powerful. They cried. They shared stories about their own children. Many felt my story made them fell more optimistic about  their own child.  How very gratifying.

So dear bloggers, I'd like to share my story, Wolf Howling at Moon, with you, as well as the interview the CBC did with me. In the interview,  I talk about how I came to write the story as well as about my son and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

I hope you read and enjoy both.  And make sure to note the photograph of my son Michael's woodcarving, Wolf Howlign at Moon, which gave my story its name.  He is so very proud to see his carving online.

The links are below:

The story:

The interview: