Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Arrives (on silent feet)

The media pundits prepared us for the worst. "Snowmeggadon!" is coming, they said. Beware of tomorrow's Snowpocalypse! Watch out, Stormzilla! is on its way.

Taking the warning to heart, and before the snow even arrived, the public school board announced "All Toronto schools will be closed tomorrow." Well, tomorrow has arrived. And guess what. It snowed here. OMG, Snowapalooza!

You'd think we were in Miami or something. This video says it all.


  1. I love your ironic wit.

  2. I agree with anonymous... I wonder if anonymous would enjoy your monthly newsletters. I think yes.

  3. Some of us out here would love to see your hand pained black and white photographs. And there is a rumour afoot about some charming, mult-celled, hand-painted original pictures. Give us a peek - please!